This article was originally published in Edition (1) of Prayer Magazine, Autumn 2004.

When a Continent Prays

By Michael Ireland (assist News Service)

On May 2, 2004 over 20 million people gathered in 56 nations of Africa to call on God. Prayer events were confirmed in all but two nations in Africa – Sao Tome and Principe. Ed Silvoso of Harvest Evangelism said “This may be the biggest prayer movement the world has ever seen”.

According to Inger J. Logelin, in an e-mail report to Steve Loopstra of Prayer Transformation Ministries(USA), it all started when the word got out that God was doing a work of unity and transformation in Cali, Columbia, in response to united prayer.

In 1998, after hearing an audio tape of George Otis Jr., of the Sentinel Group, talking about transformation in Cali, church leaders in South Africa began to meet together to pray.

“When the Transformations video was launched in 1999, an increased hunger for God to move in South Africa was ignited. Benny Mostert began distributing the videos in Africa and to date some 20,000 videos have been distributed there,” said Logelin.

Graham Power, a businessman from Cape Town, South Africa, was one whose heart was ignited by the video, Logelin said.

“He began the prayer campaign in 2000 after God gave him a vision in four parts. Power saw a vision of repentance and prayer taking place in Newlands rugby stadium. Then he saw the rest of South Africa praying together in a national day of prayer. The third part of the vision involved all of Southern Africa in prayer. The fourth part of the vision was all of Africa praying together. Logelin said all of these things have now happened. “In this process of transformation in Africa, many in the church have caught the vision of repentance, building relationships, mobilizing the whole church and winning Africa for Christ” he said.


Transformations Africa, one of the teams helping coordinate the events said, “The amount of venues went far beyond our expectations. Many more towns and cities prayed together than what was anticipated… The overall feeling across the continent is that May 2. 2004 was a turning point in the history of Africa. In many countries, there was a breakthrough in church unity. Miracle upon miracle has been reported.”

Here are some confirmed reports. By no means comprehensive, they do give a glimpse into what was happening all over Africa on May 2.

SIERRA LEONE            For the first time, Christians gathered to pray in all four regions of the country

ETHIOPIA        Some 13,000 churches held prayer gatherings

MALI                In this 90% Muslim nation, Christians prayed at the National Cultural Palace in the capital.

CONGO           The first lady of the country covered the expenses for the Brazzaville gathering where 5,000 people from ten denominations gathered.

MALAWI          In the north all the churches were involved, led by 67 pastors. In Mzuzu between 10,000 and 15,000 attended.

SUDAN            Prayer began on two days earlier and people were saved and healed. A 24/7 prayer chain had been established. Meanwhile, a pastor in Cairo, Egypt gathered 4,000 Sudanese to pray for Sudan.

EGYPT             Ten thousand in more than 100 towns and cities prayed. All 17 denominations in Egypt took part, including some Coptic churches.


A global day of prayer is planned for 2005. Transformations Africa says “Right across Africa people are already excited and starting to plan for the ten days of Fast and Prayer for Africa and the world day of prayer on Pentecost Sunday, May 15, 2005.” (

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