This article was originally published in Edition (1) of Prayer Magazine, Autumn 2004.

What prayer means to ….

Jane Holloway

Former Prayer and Evangelism Co-ordinator for the Evangelical Alliance

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Ever since God challenged me to follow Him, conversation with Him has been part of my day to day life. For me, prayer is relationship with a loving Father, made possible by Jesus and led and prompted by His Holy Spirit. Making a time for Him each day (no matter how short) grounded by reading/meditating on scripture is essential. It’s that daily discipline of trying to say, ‘Your will be done’ rather than my default setting ‘my will be done’.

My personal times of prayer are relaxed and varied, as my travelling lifestyle doesn’t allow for routine. I have learned to pray as I travel; between meetings; as I deal with emails; as I talk over the phone. Creativity is also important and I value what I learn from different traditions. I have found that I need to carve out time when I go away for maybe a day or half a day, to spend time with God. Then I can get rid of my agendas, and in worship and meditation more easily discern where He is at work. For the last couple of years, He has been challenging me to operate from a place of rest and what a difference that is making. But I am no expert!

Over these last 25+ years, Jesus has transformed my life and attitudes. Through prayer; I have been physically and emotionally healed and have been a channel for healing for others; I have been given the direction and focus of how to carry out my jobs; I have seen the spirit of God come in worship, in decision-making and give direction and vision; I have seen people discover Christ and be set free from the power of evil. And as I have prayed with others, I have seen breakthrough in national debates and issues – and seen how prayer and reconciliation can change the course of nations.

I believe in a God who answers prayer!

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