This article was originally published in Edition (15) of Prayer Magazine, Jul 2008.

Ever felt inadequate in your own prayer life? Are you eager to be taught how to pray more effectively?  Are you open to hearing from God through praying with scriptures?  If so, you're not alone.  Esther Wong, author of Praying through the Scriptures, felt exactly the same and set about reading books on, and learning about, prayer.  Inspired by what she was learning and experiencing, Esther has put together this 31-day guide, enabling you to pray with the power of God's Word, in line with His revealed will, for people and situations you might never have thought to pray about.  This one-month devotional is packed full of biblical verses of praise and adoration to God.  In addition there are daily pointers on praying for personal needs and for other people and situations, including loved ones in your family, those in your workplace and for those around the world.  Give it a go.  Use this guide as a means of helping you to strengthen your personal prayer life with God, praying His way, and drawing closer to Him each and every day.

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