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Dear friends,

At a time when the world is still shaken by the effects of the SE Asia earthquake, Iraq is for the first time having democratic elections, and here in the British Isles, we are seeing prayer being mobilised as never before; let us remember ‘God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble … I will be exalted among the nations’ Ps 46.

Jane Holloway, Prayer and Evangelism Co-ordinator, Evangelical Alliance



8-15 May Prayer Week – As we prepare for the next Prayer Week, we have been blessed to receive words of encouragement from a number of denominational leaders. Dr. Yonggi Cho from Korea, writes “…Every Christian should participate in Prayer Week and expect to see lives changed, families changed and nations healed.”

This message is a great encouragement for us all to stand together in prayer in this the sixth Prayer Week. Godfrey Birtill will do a Prayer Concert tour. Prayer Week will culminate on 15 May by standing with the Global Day of Prayer.



Derek Riseborough


24-7 & Faithworks Partnership

8-15 May Faithworks and 24-7 Prayer have combined to produce a unique guide linking prayer with community involvement. Prayerworks, published by Spring Harvest, is a manual to help churches run a 24/7 prayerweek leading up to Pentecost Sunday, as a Launchpad for community involvement. The book will be on sale from Easter onwards.


Dave Hitchcock


Global Day of Prayer

15 May Global Prayer – In the UK, we want to encourage involvement at whatever level is possible; anything from a small group at home, to a special prayer focus within Sunday services, to joint church events, to larger citywide gatherings. There are three elements:

Ten days of prayer and fasting around the world with the church invited to participate around the throne, around the world, around the clock. In the UK, we are asking people to link in with Prayer Week.

The Global day of Prayer itself will be transmitted by satellite and be available through television, radio or the internet, with up to six hours of transmission being available at a time convenient to every time zone and with locations on each of the five continents.

90 Days of mercy ministry when feet are put on our prayers to take the gospel to the poor. This will take place particularly in Africa where they are already into year 5 of this vision.

For the vision and global resources, go to

Information relating to the UK, go to

If you are organising events, please let UK Co-ordinator Jane Holloway know, at There will be no formal registration. Pray for those organising the transmission side of this from S Africa and USA and for release of finance.

Jane Holloway


MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY – 2005 is a year of incredible opportunities to make a difference for the millions living in poverty in our world. The UK government will be in an unique position to challenge the unjust structures that keep millions of people trapped in poverty this year, with our leadership of G8 and EU.

Let’s take advantage of this and other opportunities throughout the year to pray and join in asking the government to do everything in their power to MAKE POVERTY HISTORY.


Julia Wensley, Evangelical Alliance



WALES – The Prayer Movement in Wales continues to meet to discuss the future and the best ways of networking prayer across the nation whilst perpetually involving younger people and new prayer projects and ministries that begin each year – a constant challenge.

Across the nation, prayer seems to be deepening in the life of the church and there are more and more opportunities from secular society to involve prayer in one shape or form.

Last October, Wales remembered the 100th anniversary of the last great revival in the nation, meetings were held in most regions, some still to be undertaken in 2005. In Cardiff, over 45 churches worked together under the banner ‘04TheCity’, to put together a weekend of events in the Cardiff International Arena. The culmination of events was on the Saturday evening where 4,500 people gathered to hear Selwyn Hughes, the Welshman behind CWR, address and inspire the crowds.

The events were broadcast live on UCB TV across Britain and Ireland.

Carl Brettle


NORTHERN IRELAND – Prayer Shield, City of Belfast and N Ireland. The vision of David Jardine of Divine Healing Ministries was originally for individuals and churches to pray for Belfast for 12 hours a day throughout 2003 and it was extended to N Ireland in 2004. Now through 2005, he is looking for the prayer to be raised to 16 hours a day. Christians of all traditions throughout the province are deeply involved, but David is also exploring ways of involving Irish people in the rest of the British Isles and those in America.




CORNWALL Prayer Initiative -  Five years ago, Cornwall Prayer Initiative was born of the Holy Spirit. As more and more groups have joined in, CPI has become the link between 100 prayer groups, varying in size from 3 to 18, meeting in their local areas, praying for local and county issues. Many are being encouraged and inspired by keeping in touch with others across the county. God is answering prayers – raising up Christian mayors, changing the spiritual atmospheres (local evangelists are reporting a ‘softening’ of attitudes towards the Christian message) and Christians from different backgrounds are being drawn together to praise God as well as to intercede for people, places and issues.

Jenni Crozier


TRUMPET CALL – 30 Oct 2004. From the response from the National Day of Prayer at the NEC at the end of October, we realise that this was a God moment. As we worked our way through the day, from preparation of heart with Lloyd Cooke in the morning through the calling forth of the sleeping giant, on into the Trumpet Call to end with declaration in the afternoon, to praying and declaring over children, young people, generation X and prodigals with Tim Fellows and the rousing of the warrior with Steve Uppal in the evening – we were very conscious of God’s presence with us in, at times what seemed like overwhelming waves. As Laurence Sharman led worship and the trumpeters blew their trumpets, we knew that things were happening in the Heavenly realms and that God’s Word of release was over our lands.

Ian Cole


DEBORAH ARISE INTERNATIONAL – The vision of Deborah Arise Europe, a call to women to cry out to God for this current generation of young people, has continued to grow steadily over the last five years. There is now Deborah Arise in North America, Australia and Deborah Arise Africa is up and running in seven African nations.

Therefore, with leaders in 17 nations and contacts in over 30, it was felt that the ministry should now be known as Deborah Arise International.

June Richards


MILLION HOURS OF PRAISE – is a call to the global community of believers to praise Jesus and together we will reach our initial target of one million hours of praise. It’s not an event, but an encounter on a global scale with the Beautiful Man Jesus.

On a practical level, Million Hours is asking each individual believer to give just one hour of praise as a gift to Jesus, and add his or her total to the world cumulative total. People will be able to make their pledges by logging on to

The system will remind them once a week of their pledge.

Catherine Brown


PRAYER WEEK IN SUTHERLAND – 6-13 Nov 2004, a small team met for a 24/7 residential week of prayer, the focus of which was Prayer and Repentance for the Nations – England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales – whilst praying for the unity of the body of Christ. Organised by the Maranatha Community which brings together those from Protestant and Roman Catholic traditions, reflecting the prayer of Jesus that His people would be one.

Andrew J Robinson

Tel: 01617482324


THE INTERNATIONAL PRAYER COUNCIL – met in Pattaya, Thailand, in October 2004.

Over seventy leaders drawn from the committees of the IPC and from the various regions of the world, and from those representing youth and children’s prayer movements, shared some of the remarkable stories of how prayer initiatives had progressed in the past two years. We committed ourselves to planning for the Global Day of Prayer not only in 2005, but every year to 2009.

Brian Mills


BRUSSELS – Worship 48. 18-21 Nov 2004. As we worshipped God and welcomed Jesus the King into the heart of Europe, we sensed a lifting of ancient doors in Brussels for the King of Glory to come in.

As we stood early on the Sunday morning in the heart of the city, we blew the shofars, sang and declared the victory of the cross and the Lordship of Christ over the city, over Belgium and over the continent. With our colleagues at IPC Europe (formally European Prayer Link), we have agreed to go to Strasbourg probably later in the year for another prayer/worship event.

Ian Cole

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