This article was originally published in Edition (4) of Prayer Magazine, Autumn 2005.

Since I began covering prayer initiatives nearly four years ago. There are now more Christians coming together from all dominations and backgrounds to seek God for their church, towns and cities than ever before. One of the key scriptures that many prayers groups are using as a focus for their prayers is that familiar passage of scripture in 2 Chronicles 7: 14. “If, my people who are called by my name will turn from their wicked ways and humble themselves and pray and seek my face, then I will hear from heaven and heal their land”.

As I was thinking and praying about this scripture. The Lord  was showing me that  not only do we need to turn from our wicked ways and repent but if necessary  be willing to revisit some of our past history in our own areas or in the nation that has effected the very land we want to see healed! And to really hear what God is saying about the past history effecting our land! If we think of Britain’s history and its effects on   countries such as  Africa, India and Canada and its treatment of these countries in the early days of colonisation which wasn’t very good and in fact people are still suffering from the effects of the British rule to this day!

The response to the Lord’s call in revisiting our past history has caused me to consider the importance of doing this in terms of 2 Chronicles 7:14. In a remarkable story I came across  I discovered   Christians from French speaking Quebec were experiencing an a amazing  work of healing and reconciliation. The story began in the nineties when Christian leaders in Quebec began seeking God for healing from the rift that had developed between English and French speaking Christians in Quebec.

As They sought the Lord, He showed them clearly to revisit their past history especially the treatment of the Jewish people in 1939. When a ship called the St. Louis carrying  900  German Jews who were fleeing the Nazi regime before the onset of the Second World war were denied  access into Canada finished back in Nazi Germany with many perishing in concentration camps.

As a first fruit of the repentance, the remaining survivors of the St.Louis were invited to Canada. The 25 survivors and their spouses who responded were brought at the expense of the Canadian church. The survivors were flown in from Israel , Australia, England, the United States and Canada to Ottawa. They toured the sites of Ottawa, including a visit to Parliament Hill and then they were hosted by 300 representatives of the Canadian church at the Friends of the St. Louis reception and dinner in Ottawa on November 5, 2000. It was at this reception, representatives of the Canadian church repented to the survivors. This moving event was followed by 550 Canadians travelling to Israel in May  2001 on the journey which included a public repentance for Anti-Semitism by the Canadian church towards the Jewish people .

As, a result of what took place then,  David Caron who is a pastor of a church in Quebec and on the leadership team for Watchmen for the Nations in Canada says God’ is healing  Canada’s past and the way Britian and France had shaped its early history. At the same time God is healing the rift between French Canada and English speaking Canadians which began in August 2002,  when the nation gathered in  the birthplace of Confederation in Charlottetown, PEI, There in front of 1500 members of the Canadian church  from throughout Canada , Leaders  of the church of English  and French Canada, prophetically agreed  to ‘court’ one  another  in anticipation of an eventual marriage.  The beginning of this courtship was witnessed by  a representative of the parent nations, of England and France who gave their blessing. This “ courtship” has continued ever since and  in July this year an invitation went out to England and France to join in this beautiful marriage of their sons and daughters to be broth once again in the land!

Just before this gathering took place it came to light that the first Prime Minister, referred  to Confederation Day, July 1st, 1867, by saying “we are about to be united in Holy Matrimony”.. Subsequent research has shown that the marriage analogy was commonly used by the fathers of Confederation in describing the formation of Canada. Christian  Leaders in Canada believe  this covenantal union is God’s original spiritual design for this nation and the obedience of the church in reclaiming this inheritance will release  a new  authority from heaven  to deal with  the government, by addressing principalities and powers over this nation  (Ephesians 6:12).

David Caron believes what is taking place in Canada will have impact on the whole of Europe and its like the bride getting ready for the return of the bridge groom.

As we seek Gods face to  heal our land we may have to prepared to re visit our past history and put right what went wrong  … I  believe 2 Chronicles 7:14..  is more than a prayer for repentance it goes deeper than this.. its about looking at our past history in our nation.. and being prepared to put right what went wrong and to open the doors of our hearts and churches to the people that have been effected by our sins as a nation. if we want to see our land healed of past sins.. and for God revisit this nation once again and pour out his spirit on this land!

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