This article was originally published in Edition (5) of Prayer Magazine,  Jan-Mar 2006.

Fountains of Tears indeed!

This book is an eye-opening and honest account of the painful birth of the great nation of Australia.

It sets out by laying bare the shameful abuse that the land and its native people were forced to endure and the vial treatment that left them on the very edge of extinction. Account after account leaves you with a twisted Stomach and heart, a stark reminder of mans inhumanity to man.

The native peoples were although not the only victims of the callus and inhumane ways the British set out to colonise the land. Thousands of men, women and children were condemned to be sent away from there family’s to the other side of the world for crimes as petty as stealing a dress or a few apples to feed there starving loved ones.

Once on Australian soil they were left in the hands of a brutal society ran by dishonest and wicked men. It was here that they were to also be subject to the very worst of human depravity which has left its mark on many generations and left in its wake a world of heartache in this nations children.

Fountains of Tears at its core is a story of how this painful and sad history is now finding healing. A group of British Intercessors who were burdened by the Lord to seek forgiveness for there nation set out through the power of repentance and prayer to bind up the wounds caused by there forefathers. This burden soon gathered power and became a great movement by which God began to, by his love bring a great change. Strong holds of unforgiveness and hatred came crashing down and lives were forever changed as sons and daughters of both nations began to show love and forgiveness. He who the son of man sets free shall be free indeed.

Fountains of Tears shows how through repentance and forgiveness the strongest of pains and sorrows can be healed, and how there is always a way to see Gods healing hands bind up the broken hearted.


Reviewed by Ian O’herlihy

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