This article was originally published in Edition (6) of Prayer Magazine,  Apr-Jun 2006.

In issue number 3 of Prayer Magazine we challenged you to pray all night. Now we’re really going for it and suggesting that you could pray for a whole week!

COULD YOU?  Get involved in a week of prayer?

Don’t freak out, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be praying 24 hours a day for seven days. But it might mean you will make sure there is always at least one person praying during that period. Weeks of prayer are getting more and more popular- especially PRAYER WEEK (you can find more information at

Churches, ministries, organisations, denominations, even whole countries, have weeks of prayer. There are loads of creative ways of making sure that powerful and consistent prayer happens over the week. Most often, you can choose a time and commit to pray at that time each day and with loads of other people ensure that prayer is happening all day and all night. You can make a room in the church the focal point for prayer, so that people fill that room all week and make it a buzz of prayer activity.

SHOULD YOU?  Get involved in a week of prayer?

Does the Bible encourage us to pray for a week? Well, In 1 Thessalonians Paul tells us to ‘pray continually’ – he doesn’t mean be in a prayer meeting forever but he does mean to have an attitude that’s ever ready for prayer. Paul also tells the church in Thessalonica that he prays for them ‘day and night’.

In chapter 1 of the book of Nehemiah, he sees the ruined walls of Jerusalem and starts crying. His tears prompt him to pray, and in chapter 2 he approaches the King about rebuilding the city walls. In between chapter 1 and 2 about 6 months have gone by- time when Nehemiah was praying!

There’s something really exciting and incredibly powerful when a bunch of people agree to get serious with God and really pray deeply about an issue over a period of time. (Read Dai Hankey’s interview and remember how he prayer walked every Friday morning for a year)

WOULD YOU?  Get involved in a week of prayer?

Matt. 18:19 When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action.( Message)

If you haven’t heard of 24-7 Prayer then you really should go to their web site and find loads of great information about organising prayer weeks, non-stop prayer and prayer rooms.

Why not get involved in PRAYER WEEK next year?

Get your youth group, your church, your Christian Union, your house group, or even just a bunch of friends to commit to cover a whole week with prayer. It will be a real adventure even discovering the things that God will lead you to pray about.
Let us know here at Prayer Magazine how you have got on.


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