This article was originally published in Edition (5) of Prayer Magazine,  Jan-Mar 2006.

Believe it or not, I’m currently cruising at over 500 mph, 37,000 feet above the ground having just passed the west coast of Ireland, on my way to Boston from London.  This part promotional trip, part holiday, places me in familiar surroundings, on a plane with time to kill.  It’s my third trip to the US this year, and increasingly I find huge numbers of people who’s parents or grandparents were immigrants from our shores decades ago, being able to reminise about our nation, talk about the locality, the culture with seemingly fond memories, yet the reality is, most have not ever travelled to the place they find in their heart is home.

On the 1st of the year we officially launched Prayer Force, the prayer team that we hope will one day reach a million people, who have a simple task, to pray for Britain and Ireland in order to see a revival of faith in our Nations.  At the time of writing we have around 1,000 subscribers to Prayer Force, so we have to do what we’ve done so far another 999 times to reach our goal.

Now I immediately hear echo’s in the distance – ‘It’s not about numbers’, and with that I agree, it’s the heart that counts, yet I also know when a nation cries out to God for deliverance, God usually raises up people to bring about change, so perhaps this army of prayer warriors we’re mobilising are – pre-seeding Britain and Ireland in prayer, a seed that will one day bear the fruit of tens of thousands of new firebrands that will tirelessly seek revival amongst us all.

So if I join in what’s involved, I hear the next question being.

Very simply for months now we have been reporting on news items that affect our nations in some way, that includes policy that is going through Government that might affect the Christian witness in Britain and Ireland, but it’s also everyday things that touch us all in one way or another.

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