This article was originally published in Edition (5) of Prayer Magazine,  Jan-Mar 2006.

From the Nation of Wales, I speak Peace to you.

Peace over your family

Peace over your workplace

Peace over your Church and over your home

This year, on the 7th July London experienced a Terrorist attack. Forcing our nation to take a step toward understanding the need of Peace.  The need for peace has grown in the depth of our hearts.

It’s become more important for us to recognise our leaders, to be polite and respectful in our communities.  It’s reminded us of the need to honour those in the police, fire, medical and political roles that govern our Nation and continue to defend and protect us.

During this thanksgiving, homes have been opened to us as visitors.  This Nation demonstrating to us through this season, the strength of family, unity and thankfulness that so much makes America an effectual source of blessing both in History and around the World today.

So don’t shrink back in blessing, storms will come and go, threats will raise and fall, but one thing is for sure.  When a child of God determines in their heart to be an instrument of blessing and an instrument of peace.  The lives of the poor are enriched, the lives of the depressed made lighter and the lives of the Lost find an eternal spiritual Home.

Deland you are a well spring of life, continue to be a fountain to which many nations come for refreshing, and through all means be a blessing, fulfilling what God has placed in your heart from the beginning of time.

Wales would like to say to you :-

The Lord Bless you, and keep you, the Lord make His face to shine upon you and always bring you peace.


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